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Shabbat Evening Potluck
with Phil Levin & Elizabeth Braverman
6:30 pm • Friday, June 24

Elizabeth Braverman and Phil Levin invite you to a Shabbat Dinner Potluck at their farm on Reddings Beach Rd, on July 24th, 6:30 pm.    Come enjoy good food, great company and learn about the Jewish Farmer Network.  Special guest, Masha Vernik, coordinator for the Jewish Seed Project, will join us for dinner.


The Jewish Farmer Network (JFN, is an organization that mobilizes Jewish agricultural wisdom to build a more just and regenerative food system for all.  JFN connects farmers, gardeners, and growers of all kinds to each other and the rhythms, and ethics of Jewish agriculture to create a vibrant future for people, plants, and the planet.  


Phil and Elizabeth are participating in JFN's Jewish Seed Project in search of the fruit of our ancestors.  In collaboration with growers across the country, they are growing out seeds believed to descendants of the qishut--a cucumber/melon described in the Torah.  These seeds are a direct line to the past, and by saving and sharing these seeds, we extend a hand towards the future.   On Shabbat, we’ll explore the question, “where do our lives as modern Jews intersect with the stories of seeds both ancient and modern?”


Masha Vernik, coordinator of the Jewish Seed Project, also works as an organizer and communicator for the Public Justice Food Project -- a non-profit that addresses the structural and institutional inequities upon which our current food system is built and works toward a food system that is free from extraction and exploitation.


Come light candles and celebrate!  Please RSVP at

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