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Memory Garden

Some institutions build monuments.
Jews, for the most part, build memories.

We are the fortunate recipients of thousands of years of stories, conversations, arguments, interpretations, tragedies, and achievements. Our memories make us who we are. At the same time, as Phil Cushman wrote, “we must remember.. and our commitment must always be to the future”. 

In memory of her late husband Chris Robison, Havurah member Amy Greenberg envisioned a community memory garden, which is now under construction in the southwest corner of the Havurah yard. Amy had a beautiful bench made by an island artist, and Joy and Chai Mann are donating an open shelter. The garden itself will be landscaped with native plantings and an area of engraved brick pavers. 

Let’s fill the garden with our memories — happy, sad, familial, friendly, thoughtful, and grateful. In the process, we will also be looking to the future by sharing our hearts with the next generation, by connecting the Havurah to the larger island and regional community, and by building a financial endowment. 

Your purchase of a memory brick will support the Havurah in multiple ways, now and in the world we imagine into being.

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